General advice about leather care

Before a leather product is used, itís a good idea to treat it with a leather cream or a spray without silicone, to protect against rain, dirt, stains and more. This treatment should be done once or twice a year, partly because it protects, but also because it helps preserve the leather. We recommend, the leather conditioner and spray from Adax.

Raw and open fur / leather, such as suede or pull-up leather etc. may require special care funds.

For all leather types, its important that you read the instructions on the product carefully before use. Itís also a good idea to try the care product on a hidden place first, so an eventual damage canít be seen.

Be aware that certain furs and leather types, can become darker during treatment.

Avoid products with silicone, and use only care products without color. Silicone can cause a whitish glow and make the bags matte. Silicone can not be cleaned afterwards.

For cleaning of open and rough leather, use the foam from whipped soap flakes. Smooth leather can be wiped/cleaned with a damp cloth of water, with soap flakes in. However, all leather products have to be threatened with a care product afterwards.

Leather needs to be treated with care, and shouldnít be exposed to extreme heat of any kind, strong sunlight, rain, tape / glue, ink, paint, solvents or anything similar to these things.

Remember that leather is a natural product and may have minor visible marks, scratches or lines from insect bites. This makes all the leather products unique and genuine.